Here & Now 1: Where next for urbanism?

The Academy produced its very first journal in 2012. The leading theme questioned six Academicians on the major barriers they – and associated industries – face in delivering quality places. This inaugural edition was edited by Academician Sarah Chaplin, Head of Research at JTP Cities.

If you have any comments about the AoU Journal, or would like to contribute to subsequent editions, please get in touch with Stephen Gallagher by emailing


In this edition:


Chairman A collaborative enterprise
Kevin Murray

Where now for urbanism?
Sarah Chaplin

Four recessions & a pottery
David Rudlin

Lisbon: The winning formula
Prof Chris Balch

The Resilient City
Mary Kerrigan

The Rewards of the Awards
Prof David Porter

Glasgow – all signed up?
Prof Brian Evans

The Academy of Suburbanism?
Jon Rowland

Changing Chelmsford
Stephanie Mills

Spirit in Motion
Dr Richard Simmons

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