Here & Now 2: Urbanism beyond boundaries

The Academy published its second Journal, Here and Now, in March 2013. This edition set about challenging assumptions surrounding physical and non-physical boundaries to creating better places.

We draw on case studies and stories from Latin America, a selection of leading European cities (Antwerp, Hamburg and Lyon), the Academy’s Great Town finalists Falmouth, Shrewsbury and Galway, and a recent Academy visit to Lisbon, Portugal.


In this edition:

Introduction from the Chairman
Kevin Murray AoU


Learning from Europe: Antwerp, Lyon and Hamburg
Former Academy Director Sarah Chaplin interviews the three European City of the Year finalists on the evening of the London awards ceremony.

Learning from Lisbon: The process of renewal
Kerri Farnsworth sum up the lessons learnt from a study trip to Lisbon, the Academy’s 2012 European City of the Year.

Bradford: A pro-active producer city?
Barra Mac Ruairí of Bradford Metropolitan District Council talks about how Bradford has adopted the ‘producer city’ model to oversee its ongoing growth.

Social housing in Latin America: Red Road flats of tomorrow?
Dr. Claudia Murray presents two case studies illustrating the main approaches to urban upgrading programmes in Latin America and asks how they can be more widely replicated.

The great towns: A question of place
Two members of the Academy’s Urbanism Awards assessment panel, John Lord and Nick Wright, share some learning from their assessment visits to Falmouth, Shrewsbury and Galway City.

Digital urbanism: The role of technology in the future of our cities
Tim Stonor argues for why we still need traditional city layouts, despite the offerings of digital technologies for new forms of online human connectivity.

Urban regeneration as a shared learning process: The Learning Cities Platform
Henk Bouwman talks about The Learning Cities Platform he established alongside John Worthington to facilitate the exchange of specific knowledge of complex inner-city developments.

Reconnecting places & people
Saffron Woodcraft, drawing from Harvey Molotch’s work on place, puts forward the case for a form of more fluid Urbanism, that combines plans, strategies and control with insights about everyday life.

Malmö: Reflections on a city in transition
Christer Larsson AoU, recognised as a significant force in exemplary regeneration during his time in charge of Malmö’s planning office, reflects on Malmö’s successes as well as hinting at how it will overcome its future challenges.
The Academy would like to thank Academicians who contributed articles and also those who contributed images – all copyright owners are listed on the back cover of the Journal and beside each image where appropriate.

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