Here & Now 4: Sustainable Urbanism

Here & Now 4, autumn 2014 looks at examples of Sustainable Urbanism and includes reflections on the Garden City, discussions of how to create regenerative cities and propositions that the future of cities might well lie in slums…

Here & Now 4 – Introduction from the Chair
Steven Bee AoU, Chair

Moving towards a more  sustainable urbanism
Alastair Blyth AoU, Editor

FAR and the Madding Crowd
Robert Powell looks back on his experience as an expert panel member of the recent Farrell Review

Urbanism and the Garden City
2014 Wolfson Prize winner David Rudlin calls for confidence in new housing development

Creating regenerative cities
Ecologist, author and consultant Herbert Girardet argues why positive health for our cities is rooted beyond their boundaries

The future of cities lies in the slums
Young Urbanist Line Algoed reflects on her time in Rio’s slums working with community-led renewal projects

Making One Planet Living our business
Sue Riddlestone, co-founder of BioRegional, asks whether business and social values can no only co-exist, but thrive

Edible cities
Camilla Ween takes a look at one of the biggest problems facing the future of many of the world’s cities and how small-scale inner-city projects are having an effect

Leading a sustainable city
Alastair Blyth talks to George Ferguson about his plans for Bristol as the 2015 European Green Capital City and beyond

My own view is…Urbanism opens many doors and closes none
Urbanism is about unlocking doors to opportunities within our towns and cities, says Dublin city planner Dick Gleeson

Urban idiocy: Brilliant but flawed ideas for the city

Professor Sir Peter Hall: discovering the lost art of urbanism
Nicholas Falk reflects on working with Professor Sir Peter Hall, who died July 2014, and his contribution to urbanism.

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