Here & now 3: The art of stewardship

Here & Now spring 2014 looks at the role long-term stewardship plays in shaping great places in London, Hong Kong, Bristol, Saltaire, and Sheffield.

This edition also includes our Great Places gallery, contributed to by Academicians, and covers recent activities including our Bradford Congress and events in Northern Ireland, King’s Cross and Milton Keynes.


In this edition:

Introduction from the Chairman
Steven Bee AoU

Alistair Blyth AoU

My own view is
Urbanism is about how we manage the process of change, argues Nicholas Falk, founder director of URBED.

Five urbanists and two Young Urbanists share their reflections on successful stewardship of places.

Long-term stewardship of London
Sarah Yates asks what we can learn from the great estates of London and how have they adapted.

Saltaire’s role in regeneration
Helen Thornton looks at how to ensure a sustainable future for this iconic World Heritage Site.

Hong Kong 2020: the Dragon Tram Strategic Vision
Young Urbanist Laura Mazzeo sets out how a coherent transport vision can foster better stewardship of the city.

Re-imagining the identity of an area
Young Urbanist Simeon Shtebunaev describes how saving a Victorian industrial building that houses low rent workshops will maintain a local economy.

Building a stake in Brixton’s future
Nicola Bacon describes how listening to the voice of the community has been vital for shaping the local council’s plans for the future of one of its most deprived neighbourhoods.

Southville Centre: a long-term community asset
Ben Barker shows how a former school building has become a hub for community development.

Lamb’s Conduit Street and Starbuck’s were never easy bedfellows
Here & Now (H&N) interviews Andrew Glover, partner of chartered surveyors Farebrother, to find the secrets
behind the successful stewardship of one of London’s chic high streets.

…and a Final Thought…
David Porter on learning to learn from place.

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