Urbanism Reviewed – 10 short articles by Dr Nicholas Falk

Five years ago, Dr. Nicholas Falk began what turned out to be a series of 10 short articles in the AoU Journal on the elements of what he calls Smarter Urbanisation.

In this follow-on publication, Dr Falk revisits the 10 essays and reflects on the main lessons, which offer lessons for all towns and cities, ranging from reinventing town centres to dealing with rapid growth.

Download the publication (PDF 3mb)

The articles are:

1. Size still matters: how to assess great cities

2. Great British Plans: and how to avoid future waste

3. Common wealth or private wellbeing?

4. Smarter urbanisation and valuing local capital

5. Making it happen

6. Smarter urbanisation and capital values

7. Resourcing smarter housing growth in the UK

8. Smarter urbanisation and rapid growth

9. Shaping better and healthier cities

10. Reinventing town centres

“Academicians are extremely good in selecting, describing and illustrating places that are well worth visiting. I wanted to go further and combine the ‘art’ of urbanism with what can be measured and compared so that lessons can be drawn and applied with confidence.” Dr Nicholas Falk

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