Urbanism Lunch Hour in Focus: Greening the Oxford – Cambridge Arc

Presentation by Professor Paul Leinster CBE

Presentation by Councillor Bridget Smith

This Urbanism Lunch Hour session was part of a short series devoted to the Oxford – Cambridge Arc that looks at its future development through the four thematic areas of productivity, environment, connectivity and place making.

This session looked at the environment, economic growth and the aspiration to deliver a ‘Green Arc’ and an environmentally sustainable growth model that can be seen as a significant response to Climate Change and an exemplar across the world.

Our natural resources must be seen as fundamental building blocks and a key part of any growth model. This has started with a commitment to protect and improve the environment in the OC Arc to ensure net environment gain and net zero carbon.

What is the ‘Green Arc’? Our speakers explored this idea and the journey towards building a truly environmentally sustainable growth model that binds the natural and man made environments into one coherent and integrated ecosystem.


Councillor Bridget Smith
Chair of the Environment Pillar, Oxford -Cambridge Arc, Leader South Cambridgeshire District Council

Professor Paul Leinster CBE
Chair of the Oxford – Cambridge Arc Local Natural Capital Plan Partnership Group, Chair of the Bedfordshire Local Nature Partnership and Professor of Environmental Assessment, Cranfield University              


Andreas Markides
Director of The Academy of Urbanism and Managing Director, Markides Associates

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