Enjoy your holiday reading with the latest issue of Here & Now!

We are delighted to announce the launch of the latest edition of The Academy of Urbanism’s journal Here & Now. 

Not only has Covid-19 been a devastating pandemic – it has also been a public health crisis that has exposed inequalities. In light of this, this edition of Here & Now features a series of articles looking at health and equity.

In exploring how to create more equitable cities; Charles Critchell shares insights from Fare City’s research into why some global cities have responded to the urban challenges of the pandemic more effectively than others; Monica Laucas discusses the ‘levelling-up’ agenda to address inequalities in the UK; and Here & Now meets with Araceli Camargo, co-founder of Centric Lab, in an interview to discuss the legacy of Covid-19 and the relationship between poor health and poor urban planning.

Following the release of his book on Healthy Placemaking, Fred London AoU shares his framework for producing places with positive health outcomes. Laura Stafford looks at how to support biodiversity, while the health of our planet is the focus of an article on creating carbon-conscious places by Heather Claridge AoU.

We also have articles on regional economic development, the future of cultural cities and digital approaches to community engagement.

This is the second edition of the journal featured in its new online home following our edition on the climate emergency released in May.

If you are interested in contributing to Here & Now, please in touch with Stephen Gallager, Director of Engagement at sg@academyofurbanism.org.uk.

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