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On 14 May, Lily Bernheimer of Space Works Consulting presented the findings of a research project conducted with ADAM Urbanism and Grainger Plc. on how the emerging trends of the 18 – 34 age group are set to effect the built urban environment and residential configurations.

The report picked up on this notion of ‘Individual Collectivism’ – a reaction to the individualised lifestyles of the latter 20th century and a move to greater collectivism – which results in a rise in the use of public transport, an increase in the number of co-working spaces and a shift in emphasis towards the ‘sharing economy’. ‘Mega/Micro Commuting’ – a two pronged trend – shows that more Millennials are working from home and making the commute “from the bedroom to the kitchen table,” whilst simultaneously there is a surge in individuals commuting further distances i.e “from Lincolnshire down to London”.

The report predicts that these trends indicate a future decline of the dormitory suburban model and the emergence of new models of housing ladders. The report poses two predominate models, enabled through mega/micro commuting. One is that more Millennials will pursue the ideal of countryside living and live farther from cities in exchange for a longer commutes. The other indicates that city living may prevail as they start families enabled through the more commonplace option of working from home.

Read a summary of the report below and please get in touch with ADAM Urbanism if you wish to receive a full copy of the report.

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