The contribution of place brand strategy to place-making | Malcolm Allan AoU

Malcolm Allan AoU, founder of Placematters, presented his work The Contribution of Place Brand Strategy to Placemaking to an audience of Academicians, Young Urbanists and friends on 31 March, London.

Malcolm highlighted the ways in which various towns, cities and countries have employed branding strategies as a means to regenerate, rejuvenate and as way to capture and demonstrate their unique selling point.

The method of branding Malcolm promotes and enables through his company Placematters is one which looks to bring the present day community into the process, in order to create a brand that is representative of these very people. The effect of this approach is that the resultant brand works to foster a greater sense of pride within these communities and also to attract new investment and international interest.

Here you can view the presentation Malcolm shared, which touches on his approach to place branding and shows many of the projects he has worked on.



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