Learning from Lisbon / overview

Written by: Tiago Oliveira, Kerri Farnsworth and Mike Gibson.

A report encapsulating the findings from The Academy of Urbanism study trip to European City of the Year 2012, Lisbon.

The visit explored new models of localism including; devolution of powers and responsibility to local parish councils, participatory budgeting, local development incentives and community partnering.


1.         Lisbon: a city shaped by its location

1.1   Legacy of history
1.2   Lisbon today
1.3   Lisbon – city of Bairros

2.         Localism Lisbon-style

2.1    Lisbon Master Plan 2012
2.2    Power to the urban parishes
2.3    Participatory budgeting: principles, processes, and outcomes

3.        Valuing the public realm

3.1    Six key drivers
3.2    Strategic approach
3.3    Lisbon Waterfront
3.4    Public events and activities
3.5    Imaginative temporary use of public space

4.         Delivery in an age of austerity

4.1   Market stimuli and strategic projects through creative asset management
4.2   Community-led neighbourhood regeneration

5.         Lessons from Lisbon

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