Chelmsford Ideas Festival 2016


The Chelmsford Ideas Festival has several events under the umbrella of ‘Your City’ supported by The Academy of Urbanism.

22 October – 12 November
City Lab Exhibition

24 October
RSA Economics – Inclusion and Participation

25 October
What does Art do for the city?

26 October
Stealing Ideas For The Future City

1 November
Improving Natural Capital for People in Essex – Panel Debate and Question Time

3 November
Visioning The City in 2050 (A City Lab Event)

4 November
The Tree In The City

6 November
Groundworks – Yellow Fish Talk

8 November (World Planning Day)
Climate Change: Local Responses To A Global Challenge
A Conversation about Cities Global and Local
Gypsies and Travelers the Forgotten Housing Need

10 November
Essex Housing: Pace over Place?

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