White Rock Hastings – Diagnostic Visit

The Academy of Urbanism’s (AoU) Place Partnering programme brings the expertise and experience of Academicians to help tackle the obstacles to longer term and broader success of the places with which it is engaged. It is offered as a diagnostic service to encourage and challenge the diverse interests that influence the success of places; and to help them recognise and tackle the issues and opportunities that are of greatest importance.

The visit to White Rock was organised and sponsored by Hastings Borough Council (HBC) with active participation by a diverse group of interests. It was timed to contribute to the Area Action Plan (AAP), which the Council is preparing for the Hastings Town Centre and White Rock Area.

The primary purpose of the diagnostic exercise was to help those interested in the White Rock area and its future to articulate and compare their various perspectives, to establish a shared baseline understanding of what the purpose of White Rock will be in the future to inform the approach to new development. This will help to guide the energies of the various participants in the future, and provide a reference point from which to resolve disagreements and uncertainties that may arise as part of the masterplanning and development processes.

If you would like to discuss bringing the Academy’s diagnostic review service to your place, please contact Stephen Gallagher on either + 44 (0) 20 7251 8777 or email sg@academyofurbanism.org.uk.

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