Space Place Life – drawings of the Urbanism Awards finalists

The mantra of Space Place Life has run through the Academy’s work since we started recognising great placemaking in 2006.

One of the ways we capture Space Place and Life is through a drawing of each of our Urbanism Awards finalist by our Artist-in-Residence, who since 2015 has been David Rudlin AoU.

We present these drawings alongside the poetry from our Poet-in-Residence, Ian McMillan, and figuregrounds produced by Lathams. Here are David’s drawings from last year’s finalists. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images.

We look forward to celebrating at the Urbanism Awards Ceremony on 27 November 2019 our 2020 finalists with a new selection of drawings, poems and figuregrounds. Why not join us for the ceremony and take home a copy of David’s drawings.

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