The Future City Debate: Tomorrow’s Communities

Understanding what makes a successful city or place is a central part of our remit, one that engages our minds, and shapes many of our activities. A challenging task and one that is not made any easier by the pace at which cities are evolving in a time of unprecedented social and technological change. We can learn from both old and new.

Last year the Midlands region ran a series of talks on the future city in conjunction with the MK Gallery and Fred Roche Foundation. The programme set out to stimulate creative discussion and debate around the subjects that are critical to the growth and vitality of our cities and included a series of seven talks which ranged from places in transition; building an equitable community and a low carbon living city.

The talks have now been collated into a publication with a forward by Tim Blackman, the Vice Chancellor of the Open University at the time, and a summary by Professor David Lock. The document is attached here for your information.

A printed version is also available free of charge, if you are interested you can obtain a copy by contacting the AoU office or if you are in Milton Keynes you can pick one up from MK Gallery in Central Milton Keynes.

AoU Midlands is currently planning its programme for the coming year and will be moving ahead with a number of talks and events. We aim to focus on change in a rapidly evolving urban environment and to use this overarching theme as the basis for a number of more specific themes, such as communities, health and well-being and homes for all. We will be learning from both old and new cities and how such places as Birmingham and Milton Keynes tackle the challenges ahead, and how the approaches might differ.

If you want to know more or want to get involved in the activities of the AoU Midlands region then get in touch with us through the London office or contact one of the local AoU convenors, Stuart Turner or Rick Robinson.

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