Learning from Lisbon

Learning from Lisboa

Learning from Lisbon Special Event
Study Visit to The European City of the Year

18 – 20 October 2012
Lisbon, Portugal

Event attendance costs
Academicians = £60 + VAT per person
Non Academicians = £100 + VAT per person

As the highlight of its tenure as European City of the Year, Lisbon is hosting a special event for Academicians to visit, explore and promote its learning potential.

Building on the Academy’s successful participation with the City of Freiburg, which resulted in the production of the ‘Freiburg Charter for Sustainable Urbanism’, the visit will explore new models of localism including; devolution of powers and responsibility to local parish councils, participatory budgeting, local development incentives and community partnering.

Why Lisbon?

Portugal’s capital has endured more than two millennia of complex political and economic change, as well as natural devastation. The physical place, with its multiple layers of history, reveals a city with much to share in terms of adaptable urbanism.

Lisbon has recently undergone a review of its direction and modus operandi and, with newly strengthened local councils, is shaping its future as a city of neighbourhoods. This has involved innovative approaches to working with communities to produce positive local action in a context of austerity, using inclusive techniques such as participatory budgeting.

All this speaks of a city that sees its future in the quality and ideas of its people. This is therefore a great opportunity for Academicians to learn from a distinctive approach to contemporary European urbanism.

The programme

Participants should aim to arrive in Lisbon on the afternoon / evening of Thursday 18 October. The main programme will take place on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 October. On Sunday, there will be optional activities in the morning.


Thursday 18 October

20:00 – Informal walking tour and orientation , followed by a group dinner.


Friday 19 October

09:30 – Reception at City Hall
Manuel Salgado – Vice President of CML and Helena Roseta – Councilor for Housing and Development (tbc)
City development, regeneration and redevelopment of neighborhoods, social housing and historic neighborhoods, coordination and management of the work with the various authorities of the metropolitan area.

10:30 – Presentation of the study about the neighborhoods of Lisbon
The Multipli(city) of the Neighbourhood
Study based on a research project, still in development, entitled Neighborhoods Lisbon 2012. The project is coordinated by the Centre for City and Territory Studies of the Autonomous University of Lisbon (CEACT / UAL), in partnership with e-GEO, Centre for the Study of Geography and Regional Planning, School of Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSH) New University of Lisbon (UNL), the IHRU (Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation) and Lisbon Municipal Council (CML). Authors of the study: Mª Assunção Gato – CEACT/UAL; Filipa Ramalhete – CEACT/UAL; Nuno Pires Soares – e-Geo/FCSH-UNL

12:00 – Visit to Lisbon Story Centre – Praça do Comércio

13:00 – Lunch

15:00 – 18:30 – PRODAC – Marvila
Self-built neighborhood of the 70s with about 500 families (80 houses and 420 apartments), target of an acquisition, licensing and promotion process, through local partnership funding BIP/ZIP 2012 (Priority Intervention Neighbourhoods programme)
Visit to the neighborhood with presentations by the municipality, Residents Association and Partners of the BIP/ZIP 2012 Project (selection of Venice Biennale 2012). The history of the neighborhood and the ongoing project will be presented.

20:00 – Dinner – Provided by CML


Saturday 20 October

09.30 – Museum of Electricity – Projections Room
Avenida Brasília – Central Tejo

09:45 – Presentation of projects for the city’s waterfront
Head of Projects and Urban Studies – Architect Pedro Dinis

10:15 – Presentation of projects and their strategic plan Lisbon Port Administration (APL)

11.00 – Bus tour (stopping at strategic sites) from the Pedrouços dock to Parque das Nações (former Expo98 site). Architect Eduardo Campelo – Head of Spatial Planning and Architect Pedro Dinis – Head of Projects and Urban Studies will accompany the tour.

12.00 – walking visit to Parque das Nações (possible trip on the cable car)

13:00 – Lunch

15:00 – Global Project Mouraria / Local Development and Urban Regeneration
João Menezes – Coordinator of the Mouraria Neighbourhood Priority Intervention Support Office (GABIP)
Brief presentation of the Project
Walking Tour to the historic Mouraria

Official visits ends, Saturday 20 October Continues

20.00  – Dinner, Restaurant tbc


Sunday 21 October

Optional informal walking tours and additional city orientation. Suggestions will be provide for walks within the City limits and trips further a field.

13:00 Optional Lunch/Close/Departure


Places are limited to ensure the quality of the learning experience, so booking will be on a first come, first served basis. We have sought to keep overall costs down and allow maximum flexibility. For each participant, there is an attendance fee, as well as the costs of accommodation, travel and subsistence. We have worked on the basis that each party organises their own travel arrangements as well as funds their own meals. Accommodation will be booked at a central hotel by the Academy on your behalf (unless otherwise requested) and fees for rooms will be charged back.

Please contact sg@academyofurbanism.org.uk for bookings.


Event attendance costs
Academicians = £60 + VAT per person
Non Academicians = £100 + VAT per person




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