Learning from King’s Cross: making places more vibrant and better used

12 September 2013 14.30 – 17.00
Kings Place / Regent Quarter

Recent regeneration between Pentonville Road and the Regent’s Canal in London has rescued many fine historic industrial buildings and brought new business activity. A fascinating network of streets, alleys and courtyards has been opened up and could be used by local businesses and residents.

The Academy of Urbanism will meet local businesses and residents to learn how urban places can become more vibrant and better used. We will visit the Regent Quarter and Kings Place area of King’s Cross to understand how managed spaces such as the network of streets and courtyards at the Regent Quarter can be best used. We want to learn not just from the physical environment but also from the people and businesses that occupy the area.

We will begin at Kings Place (http://goo.gl/maps/tsmg5) (90 York Way, London, N1 9AG) for an afternoon walk around the area, interspersed with discussions and activities. We want to understand how people use the area, how it is managed and what sort of actions might improve people’s use and experience of the place. The event is organised by Honoré van Rijswijk AoU, Marcus Wilshere AoU and John Worthington AoU.

Proceedings will be recorded and published as an Academy paper. If you would like to get involved, please contact Bright Pryde for further information at bp@academyofurbanism.org.uk or by calling +44 (0) 207 251 8777.


Kings Place, King's Cross