Journal: submit your ideas to our new gallery



Deadline extended to 15 January!

The Academy is in the process of refreshing and expanding its periodic Journal, Here and Now. The three sections will include a ‘gallery’ introducing new places, and perspectives on existing places through the eyes of the urbanist.

As experienced urbanists you all have ideas on what turns urban spaces into great places. We want you to share your ideas and insights with everyone, so tell us about the wonderful and interesting places you know and we will publish them in the new ‘Space for Great Places’ gallery section of the forthcoming edition of Here and Now.

Send us an image and a short description telling us about your space or place. Be free to use creative license – you could write a short poem, send us a sketch, tell us a story… As we may (we hope) have limited space we suggest that text be no more than 150 words.

We may need to edit contributions to fit within our format, but exceptional contributions will be given the space they deserve!. Please send your contributions to Stephen Gallagher ( by 14 December 2013. All ideas very welcome!



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