Viking Triangle

As though lines were etched between the horns
On a Viking’s helmet, down to his chinguard
And right back up again, the shape that’s drawn’s
A kind of Viking Triangle. The idea’s not hard:
A memory of the Vikings, a commemoration
Of city walls a whole millennium old,
That you can stroll by in a peregrination
Of the sort they might have made. Be bold
And pretend you’re from the past as you visit
Christchurch Cathedral and Reginald’s Tower
As history fans out from the Vikings, makes explicit
That heritage is a continuum; feel the power
Of remembering then re-remembering this:
Clear as Waterford Crystal, triangulating bliss.

This multi-faceted approach to regeneration has exploited the best physical, historic and cultural assets, successfully fusing these with animated public spaces and urban renewal to achieve a memorable destination. The approach has achieved a remarkable impact in less than a decade, transforming the area from a level of neglect which is now difficult to comprehend, to a rejuvenated and vibrant urban quarter. The quality of what has been achieved in architecture, urban design and restoration has created a great stimulus for the revival of the city, when it hit an all-time low, and further city centre projects are already being planned. The Viking Triangle is an exemplar for both the quality of the regeneration and the manner in which it has been achieved. The approach is clearly comprehensive, yet sensitive and unique to the place, turning an historically rich but rather forlorn place into a great one.

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