Three good reasons not to miss The Urbanism Awards

The Urbanism Awards is fast approaching, with only three weeks to go. Here are three reasons why you should think about making your way to U+I in London to join us for this major event.

1. Meet the local authorities and groups responsible for our 15 finalists
It’s not every day you get the chance to meet the people directly responsible for 15 fantastic places. Add this to the designers, developers, planners and policy-makers in the audience and this makes for a rewarding evening.

2. Mix the networking with CPD-worthy learning
Learning from Europe precedes the Awards Ceremony and is a key fixture of the day, allowing our three European City of the Year finalists to tell you how through projects and policies they have achieved their success – all CPD attributable.

3. Come and support your Academy
The Awards, our most high-profile activity, is a chance for you to participate in a year-long process from nomination to shortlist to assessment to vote. Help us maintain this vital cycling of learning and recognition by showing your support at the Awards Ceremony.

Better still, bring a colleague or client along too and introduce them to your Academy.

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Image by 0805edwin from Pixabay

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