Small Grants Scheme is back in 2018!

Small Grants Scheme 2018

During the spring and summer of 2018, the Young Urbanists will run a Small Grants Scheme that aims to support projects delivering tangible outputs and benefits to the Young Urbanist Network within the realm of urbanism. After a call for submissions and a three-part application process, three inspiring and ambitious projects from YU members will be awarded Small Grants to facilitate their innovative project ideas. You can follow the Twitter conversation from the Scheme through the #YUgrants hashtag.

The Young Urbanists Small Grants Scheme aims to disseminate learning on urbanism with YU members and Academicians, and support the aims of The Academy of Urbanism as outlined in our Manifesto.

Applicants are welcome to submit proposals addressing any issue that they believe to be relevant to the YUs, but we also encourage projects related to themes already explored by the YUs including: food in cities, tall buildings, creative cities, emerging urbanism, international urbanism, the future of urbanism, and more specifically our 2026 Urbanism Manifesto themes: housing, transport, digital revolution, and funding/devolution.

For the 2018 round of the YU Small Grants Scheme, we would love to receive applications from YU members based outside of London, particularly those based in Europe or internationally. We encourage projects that members can access regardless of location.

Key points:

  • 3 grants are available up to a maximum of £400
  • Support for a wide range of projects from individuals or groups
  • Funding for activities undertaken from 25 May and 31 July 2018
  • Apply with project outline before 5pm on Friday 27 April

What do we fund?

We will fund activities and projects that seek to share learning on urban-related themes, and provide a tangible benefit to the YU Network and/or the Academy as a whole. We would like to support projects that are based on original research and that seek to explore solutions to urban problems.

Successful applicants will be eligible to receive up to £400 towards costs/expenses associated with the project, such as transportation, space rental, publicity, exhibition material, stationery and subsistence, which will be accounted for by providing receipts. Unfortunately we cannot provide remuneration for time spent working on the project.

In the past years of the scheme, successful applicants have used the grant to travel by Eurostar for a study on high-speed rail, produce high quality boards for an exhibition, organise collaborative and creative workshops…

What do we mean by benefitting the Young Urbanist Network?

Benefits could be achieved through diverse means by providing the YU Network with tangible outputs, including but not limited to:

  • Published articles for our website and/or newsletter
  • Production of a video or other medium to be shared on the website or at a relevant event
  • Running a seminar or sharing your findings at a relevant event
  • The project itself could enable YU participation/experience (ie. project as a curated event)

Be creative – there are many ways in which you could bring a tangible benefit to the YUs, so use your imagination.

Who is eligible to apply?

You must be a paid member of the Young Urbanists to be eligible to apply.

What is the process for applications?

We will be accepting applications throughout April as part of a 3-stage process, outlined below.

Stage 1 – Call for submissions

Initially, applicants will be asked to submit a short 500-word proposal about their project. This will outline the idea, explain how it fits with the aims of the Academy and how it will benefit the YU Network. We ask that submissions also state how much funding they are seeking for their project, up to a maximum of £400 (a more detailed cost outline will be required at the next stage). The deadline for submissions is Friday 27 April 2018 at 17.00hrs.

Once we have received all the submissions, the YU Steering Committee will assess all applications and shortlist the successful ones. Please note that although we are allowing for up to three grants to be distributed, it may be the case that not all the grants are allocated this year.

Stage 2 – Detailed proposal

The shortlisted candidates will be notified by email by Friday 4 May, and will be asked to submit a more detailed proposal. A template will be provided for this. This will comprise of a more thorough description of the project theme, aims, outputs and costs, alongside a current CV. The deadline for detailed proposal submissions from shortlisted applications will be Friday 18 May at 17.00hrs.

Once we have received all the detailed proposals, an expert panel will gather to make a decision on final grant recipients. At this point, shortlisted applicants may be asked to meet with the panel to further discuss their project proposal. Final decisions will be made, and successful applicants will be notified by Friday 25 May June 2018.

Stage 3 – Projects underway

Successful applicants will be able to begin their projects as of 25 May 2018, and work through to 31 July 2018. Ideally, project outputs will be delivered by the end of July 2018, but there is a degree of flexibility based on the output and timing of other YU activities.

What are the key dates for the Small Grants Scheme?

  • Friday 27 April, 17.00hrs: Deadline for 500-word project outline
  • Friday 4 May: Shortlisted applicants contacted and asked for more detailed proposal (template provided)
  • Friday 18 May, 17.00hrs: Final project proposals due
  • Friday 25 May: Grants recipients announced and projects commence
  • End of July 2018: Completion of activities and output delivered

Find some inspiration from our 2016/17 Small Grants Scheme recipients Saskia Huizinga, Empathy Walks and Mariangela Veronesi.

Send completed submissions or enquiries to Young Urbanist Coordinator Julie Plichon at



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