In a city that’s changing every time you look,
Ouseburn; it’s your turn to step into the light.
Open up this valley and read it like a book
Each chapter writes itself as tomorrow’s taking flight:
Here’s a biscuit factory packed with brand new art,
Here’s a late night venue with an urban groove.
Here’s a set of buildings with culture at the heart
A confident culture with nothing left to prove.
The Holy Biscuit, Mustang S Alley: look and eat and drink
Hire a bike at The Cycle Hub then off you go, explore
All of Seven Stories stories make you stop and think
But the stories here are endless, there’s always more & more.
Ouseburn: top example of just how to turn things round
With food and film and beer and bikes, laughter, tales and sound!

The green wedge of the Ouseburn valley and its distinctive topography make it an oasis in the city of Newcastle. It is part of its industrial landscape with mixed-uses of small workshops, offices, artist studios and galleries, and with three high-level rail, road and Metro bridges creating a stunning urban feature. Ouseburn has a distinctive approach to regeneration with a mixture of organic and managed development and strong, but open-minded, master-planning creating a viable and attractive urban neighbourhood. It has been evolving long enough to go through the recycling and repurposing of original buildings and the introduction of innovative housing has added a greater number of permanent residents into the valley. Ouseburn has a strong neighbourhood feel, despite having unclear boundaries, as the topography, the river and street patterns, the three bridges, its excellent pubs, music venues, visitor attractions, housing and the eclectic mix of uses offer a clear focus.

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