Lark Lane

To visit Lark Lane again and again
Is always a pleasure and never a pain
Always delightful and never a strain.
Sit and sip coffee, enliven the brain
Hear some creatives discuss their campaign
In the pub taking shelter from brief summer rain;
See folks dressed fancy and some wearing plain
Go for two starters or starter and main;
Eating some Scouse and then drinking champagne
Let artistry thrive! Give genius free rein!
And the scent of the zeitgeist will linger, remain
Around this Nirvana we all can attain.
Yes, you’ve nothing to lose and so much to gain
In the urban bohemia that we call Lark Lane.

Lark Lane is an exhilarating example of how a night-time economy can contribute to the overall vitality of an area, but it is much more than this. The street caters for many age groups with a good balance of activities. This has been an organic development over the last 20 years. The former police station now houses the community centre and forms a pivotal part of the street. The activities within the centre are diverse and contribute to great community feeling. The food growing activities in particular create a focal point and encourage mixing across all ages. The pubs, bars and restaurants are very varied and encompass many ethnic backgrounds. In a similar way, the residential element is flexible enough to work for families, rentals and elderly accommodation. The street is thriving and with some coordinated management initiatives will continue to do so for many years to come.

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