AoU Journal – Here & Now

Here & Now is where we provide a platform for members of The Academy of Urbanism and other invited individuals to showcase and explore ideas and viewpoints within the broad world of urbanism.

Past editions of the journal have explored topics ranging from sustainable urbanism, affordable housing, social inclusion, density, culture, health and wellbeing.

Awards Assessment Reports

Aarhus – The European City of the Year Award
Scarborough – The Great Town Award

The Urbanism Awards is our primary platform for recognising the best, most enduring or most improved urban environments. We have visited and assessed outstanding examples of good urbanism across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Read our assessment reports.


In addition to the AoU Journal, we have published a number of books, from Space Place Life – which includes the poetry by Ian McMillan and drawings by David Rudlin – to Urbanism – a distillation of the learning from our The Urbanism Awards. View publications.


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