Joining our new working groups

We very pleased to bring details of four new groups that will serve the future development of the Academy. All members of the Academy are welcome to join the groups and contribute their time and skills.

Membership and Sponsorship Working Group

The aim of this group is to help guide the strategy for growing the network of individuals and organisations that make up the Academy, as well as the financial and in-kind support that is the basis on which activities can take place. In the short-term the group is looking for help with analysis of our recent member survey, and longer-term helping to identify and nurture sponsors and members.

Events and Marketing Working Group

The aim of this group is to help initiate new ideas for events as well as developing and overseeing the Academy’s existing programme of activities and the ways in which these are presented externally. This group will help to ensure that the activities we hold support the Academy’s mission.

Regions and Nations Network

This sub-network is critical to establishing more activity that is local and tuned in to topics that are locally important. The aim is to build a cluster in each region and nation that will further support the growth of the Academy. Many of these clusters are established, but further support from members is required.


This group will respond to emerging and existing policy that is deemed by the group to be relevant to the success of towns and cities.