Here & Now relaunches online

The Academy of Urbanism is delighted to announce the relaunch of the AoU journal, ‘Here & Now’ as a digital product. For 8 years ‘Here & Now’ has been the Academy’s flagship print publication, with past editions exploring topics ranging from housing to health and wellbeing. We are excited for us to be able to expand both our readership and coverage as we tackle the urban issues affecting us across the world – starting with the climate emergency.

Here & Now is where we provide a platform for members of The Academy of Urbanism and other invited individuals to showcase and explore ideas and viewpoints within the broad world of urbanism. This edition of the journal contains a series of articles focused on the climate emergency and its implications for our towns and cities. 

In this edition, David Rudlin sets out why we need urbanists to declare a climate emergency and what the declaration should be. Lorenza Casini and Helen Grimshaw explain how urban designers can best respond to the climate emergency. 

Heritage Declares sets out an agenda for reducing the negative environmental impacts of human activity and building a more sustainable heritage sector. Ina Dimireva argues that the fight against the climate emergency requires a culture change. Francis Clay looks at urban community interventions in sustainability in the global south. Kathryn Firth reports on what other cities might learn from an initiative to prepare Boston for the impacts of climate change. Charlie McNelly, Floriane Ortega and Hannah Yu Pearson explain how local authorities can meet ambitious carbon neutrality targets. Plus, we have articles looking at cohousing, town centres, gentrification and more!

All 15 new articles can be viewed at the brand new website:

If you are interested in contributing to Here & Now, please get in contact with me at 

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