Grosvenor’s Positive Space Community Charter

The Academy’s principal sponsor has launched an initiative aiming to set a new standard for public engagement and give the communities we work with meaningful involvement in how their neighbourhoods are managed and evolve.

Based around four key principles, The charter sets out how Grosvenor will engage with tenants, residents, and others who play a part in day-to-day neighbourhood life: from businesses and institutions to community organisations and amenity societies.

Everyone has a common interest in making places that are safe, prosperous and fair. The problem is we often struggle to work well together. Levels of trust are low and people feel disconnected from how the places where they live and work are managed and evolve.

So Grosvenor is aiming to create a more Positive Space, where the trade-offs involved in change are openly debated, more voices are heard and we all work more productively together. Because ultimately that’s how to help more places to thrive.

Grosvenor have tested the commitments with more than 20 community representatives and practitioners, many of whom have shared their perspectives and experiences as part of a series of Essays on Engagement.

You can read the Community Charter and explore the Essays on Engagement on the Grosvenor website by visiting

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