Glass-House Debate Series

Glass-House Debate BookletPutting People in their Place

Glass-House Debate Series 2012/13

The Academy of Urbanism partnered up with The Glass-House Community Led Design to help deliver their 2012/13 debate series: Putting People in their Place.

Over the course of four evenings, people representing the community, design and development sectors in Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool and London were asked to explore the relationship between people, place and value.

The Glass-House have taken the insights from each debate and packaged them into a booklet. You can download a copy from their website

The Academy was delighted to support this initiative that promoted healthy dialogue between professions, sectors and groups. For more information on the series, or to find out more about the 2013/14 series, please contact Stephen Gallagher on 020 7251 8777 or email

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