Digital Urbanism Event

6 February 2013
Space Syntax, London, UK

Digital Urbanism: finding the balance between ‘on-land’ and ‘on-line’

A talk by Dr Rick Robinson AoU, Executive Architect, Smarter Cities, IBM

Digital technology is a new urban utility of immense potential value to the social, economic & environmental performance of cities. But what are the likely impacts of technology on the physically connected city?

Digital expert Dr Rick Robinson, Executive Architect at Smarter Cities IBM, join the Academy to talk about how technology is changing the urban landscape.

For those who could not join us:

  • Watch the video of Rick’s talk below. Our apologies for the poorly lit footage.
  • See Rick’s presentation below.
  • Academician Malcolm Allan of Place Matters has shared his thoughts of the talk. Read his blog post here.


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