Congress Workshops: Spotlight on Economic Value of Good Places

One of the real draws of Congress is the opportunity to participate in our hands-on workshops. This year we will tackle seven live issues affecting Bristol as well as many other towns and cities across the UK, Ireland and Europe. They cover topics from ‘self-build’ to digital urbanism, the economic lift from good place-making to the reconciliation between traffic and places.

Placemaking for Profit? Temple Quays Enterprise Zone

Place making for profit: how can the creation of good places and spaces contribute to the delivery of stronger economic outputs in the context of the temple quay enterprise zone?

Nick Childs AoU, Childs+Sulzmann architects, Architect, Urban Designer
Andy Gibbins AoU, Leader Of The City Design Group, Planner, Urbanist
David Warburton, HCA Head of Area
Shankari Raj Edgar AoU, Nudge Group, Urban Designer, Architect and Digital Media Consultant

Temple Quay Enterprise Zone is a 70 ha site on the Eastern edge of Bristol City centre has Temple Meads station at its heart. Bristol Temple Quarter is one of the largest urban regeneration projects in the UK. It was officially declared open for business by Chancellor George Osborne in April 2012. The designation offers huge opportunity for regeneration of the area and master plans are emerging from the city planning department and the majority land owners including HCA and Railtrack.

The purpose of this workshop is to consider how, from an early stage in the process, the application of good urban design principles to the spaces in between can increase the value of the investments that are about to be made.

The workshop will start with an introduction to the zone followed by a brief guided tour of the area. We will return to the Engine Shed for three 5-minute presentations form The City, HCA and Network Rail outlining their approach to this issue.

  • Andy Gibbins will present an emerging spatial framework for the area and highlight the overarching strategies for the development of this part of the city over the next 20 years.
  • David Warburton will respond with the attitude of the HCA to good place making and investment in the spaces in between.
  • Kirsten Durie from Network Rail will respond from the perspective of Network Rail and what they are intending to achieve.

The workshop will then examine the scope for creation of great public spaces in and amongst the new developments which will contribute to the eventual value of the new buildings.

Halfway through the session we will hear from Shankari Raj Edgar on the history and future of meanwhile uses on the vacant sites of the TQEZ and consider how future temporary uses can be incorporated into the development plans.

The session will conclude with the identification of a few key principles that might be adopted in the master planning of the area.

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