Congress Workshops: Spotlight on Being a Legible City

One of the real draws of Congress is the opportunity to participate in our hands-on workshops. This year we will tackle seven live issues affecting Bristol as well as many other towns and cities across the UK, Ireland and Europe. They cover topics from ‘self-build’ to digital urbanism, the economic lift from good place-making to the reconciliation between traffic and places.

Being a Legible City: More than meets the eye

Mike Rawlison, Director, City ID
Patricia Brown, Chief Executive Central

Over the past decade cities across the world have followed Bristol’s lead, working to become ‘legible cities’. This workshop will look at Bristol’s exemplary work, drawing in examples of cities have followed its example, from London and Birmingham to New York City. It will explore the components of a successful legible city, which goes far beyond a wayfinding system to underpin a sense of place, well being and economic sustainability.

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