Congress Workshops: Contribute to Bradford’s City Plan

Photo by David ShankboneCongress Workshops: 16 May
Contribute to Bradford’s City Plan

Take part in one of six participative workshops on the main plenary day – 16 May – to look at placemaking issues in Bradford and beyond:

1. The Constant Re-making of Place
2. Culture & Skills for a Producer City
3. Economic Strategy & Prosperity
4. Property, Investment & Economic Geography
5. Place Learning Networks & Exchange
6. Digital Urbanism & Smart Cities

Preview – Workshop 6:
Digital Urbanity & Smart Cities

In advance of the digital urbanism workshop, Dr Rick Robinson AoU, Executive Architect for IBM Smarter Cities, talks us through his session:

Can digital technology help us build better cities? Should these technologies change the way we design and build cities, and if so, how? Do technologies offer solutions to difficult problems such as offering more flexible, coordinated transport services? Or are they a distraction on focusing on what really matters – the physical, social and economic needs of people and their communities?

The digital urbanism workshop will feature opening contributions from speakers from a variety of backgrounds, and with differing opinions on the value and relevance of digital technology to good urbanism. Our intention is to stimulate an informed and frank debate to follow; from which we hope that useful, practical insights will emerge on whether and how the technology agenda is relevant to cities.

To join this workshop book your Congress ticket here. Find out more about digital urbanism on Dr Rick Robinson’s blog.


Image: (Protesters at Occupy Wallstreet using digital technology to coordinate their demonstration. Photo by David Shankbone)




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