Congress / Workshop 2: The Birmingham Cycle Revolution

The Birmingham Cycle Revolution – the role of cycling in city centres


Facilitators: The workshop will be facilitated by Michael Parkinson and George Daugherty of Peter Brett Associates (PBA), who are playing a leading part in the BCR project.

The workshop will look at the following:

1. Cycling in cities across the world – a compendium of experiences
2. Risks, myths and perceptions
3. Why should we encourage more cycling – who is going to benefit
4. How do we encourage more cycling in to and around our cities
5. The Birmingham Cycle revolution – the project and its aims, from behavioural change to moving kerbs

The workshop will seek active feedback from the audience with attendees asked to share their own experiences of cyclists in city centres, whether it be from a motorist, pedestrian or cyclist perspective!

We will explore other cities around the world to see how different places, political and funding regimes influence cycle provision. The workshop will challenge the conventions around cycling and safety, and identify why cycling is good – contributing to health, city activity and economic outputs. The group will be encouraged to share views as to cycling provision, best practice and what should be provided – whether it be a ‘blank canvas’ or retrofit to existing cities. Cycling cities can not be about piecemeal provision of ‘cycle lanes’. We will look at how to influence behaviour of people to cycle more, and how the fabric of a city can change to accommodate cycling.

We will also take a look at how Birmingham is responding to the challenge through the Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR) project. An overview of the project, its aims and aspirations and delivery timescales will be given and the audience asked to contribute ideas on what more could be done from the outcomes of the first part of the workshop.

This workshop will take place on the afternoon of the main Congress day – Friday 5 June 2015 – alongside other workshops. Book your ticket now to join us in Birmingham for our 10th Annual Congress, taking place over 4-6 June 2015.

Image of cycling in Vancouver by Paul Krueger (Flickr)

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