AoU Journal: Call for Submissions

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: AoU Journal – Here & Now #4
Deadline: 14 July 2014

We are pleased to announce the call to Young Urbanist members for two sections of the Academy Journal:

1) Feature length article on the theme of ‘greener urbanism’
2) Contributions for the Space for Great Places gallery!

The competition is open to Young Urbanist members and is a fantastic opportunity to showcase yourself and your work to a wider audience. The journal is distributed to all Academicians and Young Urbanists, to delegates at our programme of events across the UK, Ireland and Europe (over 30 each year), as well as online.

Details of call for submission

Feature length article:
Please submit a 1500 word article on either a project, idea or concept that you have researched or been involved with that fits within our Greener Urbanism theme – or perhaps an interview you have conducted with an expert working in this field. The brief is open, but the article should apply to the theme of Greener Urbanism and be no longer than 1500 words. A complete submission will also include a print-qulaity image (copyright free) to sit alongside the article.

Space for Great Places Gallery!:
The journal now features a space to rave about great places. This is your chance to tell us what places you love and why. Send us an image or a poem or sketch, a short piece of narrative… see the last issue to get your creative juices flowing!

Authors should be aware that the editorial team will have final say on which content is chosen, and that editing will likely occur (as with all our journal submissions). Those submissions that are not successful will be encouraged to be submitted on the Academy website at a later date. Please send your completed submission to Stephen Gallagher by email at

Remember: the deadline is 14 July 2014 for complete submissions and accompanying photograph!

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