YU Event / Street Messages and Creative Placemaking

The Street Messages ​and​ Creative Place Making project began in July with the aim of going to encounter street ar​t​. Supported by the Young Urbanists Small Grants Scheme from ​T​he Academy of Urbanism, it sought to encourage thinking creatively about our cities, urban planning and placemaking.

Over the last few months, a series of walks have been conducted across different neighbourhoods in London with Young Urbanists, academics, friends, strangers, communities, artists.​ ​This was documented both through photography, mapping and short films, as well as written accounts through the creative placemaker blog.

As the closing of the project Claire Tunnacliffe will share her thoughts and experiences of the project, ​alongside the screening of a short film and interactive exhibition. This is kindly hosted by Space Syntax at their studios in Clerkenwell. ​​Expect interactivity, drink and nibbles!​

​This event is FREE to attend, but​ booking is essential


Image by Darren Johnson via Flickr

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