Contribute to: Riverside Living – Creating Liveable Neighbourhoods

greenwich-villageContribute to the Learning from London boat trip on 20 August 2014

Over the past two decades the Thames has become a driver and focal point for the creation and regeneration of neighbourhoods such as the award wining Greenwich Millennium Village.

Continuing their series on the Value of Place, the Academy’s Learning from London team has organised a full-day boat trip on the Thames to take an in-depth look at the elements behind the success of this and other riverside living locations.

Take part in the visit – 20 August 2014:
The team are looking for three Young Urbanists to join the study trip and, in the coming three weeks, assist them in collecting background information on some of the projects along the route. Preliminary work is estimated at around one day of your time.

The boat trip will be an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with the Learning from London graduates and AoU LfL team, and of course pick up valuable leaning about new and existing neighbourhoods, including: Maple Quays, Fulham Riverside, Greenwich Peninsula and Bermondsey.

DRAFT programme: Riverside Living Creating Liveable Neighbourhoods (PDF)

If you are interested in joining and contributing please contact Honoré van Rijswijk before the Friday 1st August 2014.

Image of Greenwich Village from .Martin. on Flickr