Olympic Park Study Visit

Creating Communities
The Olympic Legacy

21 March 2012
Stratford, London

Academicians were invited to take part in a guided bus trip around the Olympic Site, viewing the permanent and temporary features. This was followed by presentations from a variety of perspectives on the nature of the legacy and the likelihood of integration with surrounding areas. We heard from some key individuals voicing their advocacy for the work done, and also their fear of the way in which the the Olympics may be heralding a shift in land ownership and management.

Janet Sutherland AoU (Chair): Director, The Academy of Urbanism
Peter Andrews: Chief Executive, London Thames Gateway Development Corporation
Steve Shaw: Chief Planner, Olympic Delivery Authority
Anna Minton: Author and Journalist, Author of ‘Ground Control’
Symon Sentain AoU: Symon Sentain Associates and past-Chief Olympics Officer, London Borough of Waltham Forrest
Charlie Foreman: Chief Olympics Officer, London Borough of Hackney

There is still much to do, not least in the nature of the downstream delivery after the hiatus of the Olympics itself. One can also get an interesting take in the legacy and sustainability dimensions from the humorous Twenty Twelve television programme.

We would like to thank Peter Andrews and the London Thames Gateway Development Corporation for providing the seminar venue and the Olympic Delivery Authority for organising the site tour.

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