Guardian Cities wants to hear from the Young Urbanists!

Guardian Cities wants to hear from the Young Urbanists!
Here is Guardian Cities to explain more…

Guardian Cities is planning a special week focused on young people in cities – and wants the Young Urbanist members to get involved in shaping it, coming up with ideas for pieces and being part of the editorial team. 
Is there a particular brilliant story about the experiences, challenges or innovations of young people in cities you want to see told? Are there fascinating projects making life better for young urban populations? Share your ideas for articles, galleries or any kind of online feature and a handful will be developed in collaboration with the Guardian Cities team and our writers. 
As Guardian Cities is the Guardian’s home for the discussion of the future of cities around the world, we’d love to hear ideas and stories from a diverse array of places. If you have a personal link with the story let us know. We like to approach big issues through compelling case studies, so we look for great stories that focus in on something intriguing – or surprising – happening in cities. 

We’re also trying to compile a list of some of the most exciting young urban thinkers and practitioners making waves in the UK today. Please tell us who you think is shaping the future of urbanism (no nominating yourself or fellow YUs!). Nominate architects, planners, designers, writers, theorists, urbanists… and anyone who breaks the mould too.

If you are a signed up member of the Young Urbanists, email your ideas for stories or features, as well as nominations for people, to by Tuesday 2 February at midday. Please describe each idea or nomination in 100 words or less! We can only accept maximum 2 ideas and 2 nominations per person. You can also bring along or share your ideas at the Young Urbanists Pub Quiz Night on Monday 1 February 7.00pm at the Island Queen Pub in London. 

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