Civic Society – A Catalyst for Collaboration

Civic Society
A Catalyst for Collaboration

25 July 2013
70 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EJ

Over the last 60 years the sense of community and local pride so essential to ensuring successful places has been eroded by central decision making, an adversarial planning environment and a dependency on the authorities to be the provider. The public realm has often become sterile and unloved.

Today, post-2008 credit crunch, will the focus on Civic Society and Localism stimulate a new collaborative approach to planning, designing and managing places? What might be the role of not-for-profit communities of practice such as
The Academy of Urbanism or the RSA?

This seminar will bring together a range of initiatives in the form of short case studies to facilitate an exchange of experience and ideas, focusing on issues including funding, governance and aspirations.

John Worthington, Director AoU, will facilitate the session, with introductory case studies by:

Malcolm Noble (AoU, FRSA) Chairman RSA eastern region and Chairman of Changing Chelmsford Community Interest Company, will describe Changing Chelmsford, a joint initiative between the RSA and AoU, in partnership with Chelmsford City Council, Essex County Council and Anglia Ruskin University – now in its fourth year.

Stephen Platt (AoU) Chairman of Cambridge Architectural Research will describe the process and analyse the factors in Cambridge Futures success: Leadership, ambition, evidence, participation and co-operation.



To confirm your attendance please contact, Bright Pryde ( and in addition state whether you would like to present an initiative you are involved with.