Nominate for The Urbanism Awards 2021: People

The Academy of Urbanism Awards this year will focus on the people who have made an outstanding contribution to our towns and cities.

Having spent 15 years focusing on awards for place, and uncertain about the restrictions that the pandemic will place on this year’s awards, we have decided that in 2021 we will focus on people.

The five categories cover everything from politicians and public officials to community activists, professionals, academics and young people. These are the people that we have met and been inspired-by over the last 15 years of visiting great places.

We know that towns and cities are the work of many hands and it is invidious to single-out one person. However at the same time we have met lots of people without whom a place would not have achieved what it has. People who have gone above and beyond what was expected of them, who have shown drive, imagination and leadership to transform a place.

We invite you to nominate these people from the following categories: 

  1. Civic Leader: This is an award for elected politicians at all levels of government including the many inspirational mayors that we have met over the years.
  2. Civic Servant: Anyone working for the public sector at all levels of government.
  3. Community Activist: People working in a voluntary or paid capacity for community groups or voluntary organisations.
  4. Urban Re-inventor: People working in the private sector including consultants and built environment professionals, developers, housing associations and national organisations and charities.
  5. Urban Thinker: Academics, researchers and authors working in the fields of urbanism, urban design and other urban related subjects.

The awards will follow a similar pattern to previous awards: Nominations are invited via the Academy’s Website and will close on 2 July 2021. A shortlisting meeting will then take place that narrows down the nominations to 10 in each category. A finalist meeting will take place on 8 July 2021 at 14:00 BST to hone the longer lists down to three in each category.

The assessment teams will then undertake an interview with each of the shortlisted nominees. Voting will then be open from 4 October 2021 for a month with the awards ceremony, hopefully in person taking place on 24 November 2021.


  • Nominations should include a short description of at least 50 words about why that person deserves to receive the award.
  • The nomination should be for people rather than organisations, however in some cases it is ok to nominate a couple or a small group of individuals who have worked together.
  • Nominations in all categories can be people who are based anywhere in Europe.
  • Nominees can be Academicians or other members of The Academy of Urbanism, but they do not have to be.
  • Nominees do not have to be associated with places that have previously won or been shortlisted for an AoU Award.

Nominations close 2 July 2021