Mentoring Scheme 2016/2017

Young Urbanists Mentoring Scheme

The Young Urbanists are pleased to announce the next round of the Mentoring Scheme. The Mentoring Scheme brings together Academicians with eager Young Urbanist members to provide career advice, support and understanding of the sector through mutually beneficial relationships.

What are the benefits of joining a Mentoring Scheme?

Young Urbanists can expect to gain senior insight into their industry or research field, receive advice, improve professional skills, and have a clearer understanding of how to achieve the aims they have set for themselves and develop their chosen career path.

As Mentors, Academicians will support the Young Urbanist in the above, and may use the experience to evaluate ideas of their own, work in a different way, gain insights into the emerging ideas in their field, and reflect on their career.

How long does the scheme run?

The Mentoring Scheme will establish matches between Academicians and Young Urbanists for a period of six months (until end of April 2017), with suggested mentoring meetings every six weeks. Applications are due on Monday 31 October by 17.00hrs and any potential matches made will be notified by Monday 7 November. We strongly encourage matches to join our annual members-only xmas party on Monday 5 December.

Please be aware that we can not guarantee that every applicant will have a match. Matches will be made based on compatibility as well as interest, so it may be the case that not every applicant gets to participate this time around.

How do I apply as a Mentor or Mentee?

If you would like to apply to be a Mentor (Academician) or a Mentee (Young Urbanist), you can fill out the application form via the link below, which will only take a brief time to fill out.

Please note that you must be a paid member of The Academy of Urbanism or Young Urbanist Network to be eligible to take part in the Mentoring Scheme.

The deadline for completed applications is Monday 31 October 2016 at 17:00hrs. Any matches that are able to be made will be notified by Monday 7 November by close of play.

Application forms can be found using the links below:

Application for Mentors (Academicians) via Google forms
Application for Mentees (Young Urbanists) via Google forms


If you have any questions about the Mentoring Scheme, please get in touch with our Mentoring Scheme Lead Alexei Schwab at [email protected].


YU Mentoring Scheme Guidance (for Mentees) (PDF file)
YU Mentoring Scheme Support (for Mentors) (PDF file)

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