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The Urbanism Hour / The National Model Design Code

The long-awaited National Model Design Code will shortly be published for consultation. There has been some scepticism about the idea of guidance on coding at the national level and the way it relates to the Building Better Building Beautiful commission and the Planning White Paper.

AoU Coffee Break, Scotland

Join fellow AoU members for an informal Coffee Break and a discussion around topics of interest to members. This session, AoU Young Urbanist, Simon Wasser will give a short talk on Cohousing: towards a new model of living?

The Urbanism Hour / Urban Resilience

For this week's Urbanism Hour we will be joined by two speakers who will discuss the rapid urban changes that came about as a result of Covid lockdowns and the way these might change policy forever.

AoU Coffee Break, Scotland

The AoU Coffee Breaks are back for 2021, with an AoU Young Urbanist takeover. For this session, join The Wheatley Group to hear about Housing-led Regeneration, followed by a discussion with those on the call.

Advisory Group of the AoU in Scotland

The sixth meeting of the Advisory Group of the AoU in Scotland. The 17 members of the Advisory Group are comprised of Academicians, Young Urbanists, and AoU Group members, and currently meet every two months.

Everyone is an Urbanist

Online Session

The Academy of Urbanism is pleased to invite you to join an online discussion, planned by the AoU members based in Northern Ireland. This session aims to deliver a message of positive and successful placemaking as a collaborative process and to highlight the value and role of people and organisations in delivering and sustaining great places.

AoU Coffee Break, Scotland

April 2021 marks the one year anniversary of 'temporary' measures applied in the Scottish planning system as a result of COVID-19 which removed the need for in-person community consultation before a planning application. For this session, Young Urbanist Joe Peach will share a presentation exploring the viability of a permanent digital-first approach to community consultation.

AoU Regions & Nations call

The Regions & Nations calls are an informal monthly catch-up for people who are running, or are interested in running,

The Urbanism Hour / Moving London

In this session, we will hear from Alex Williams, Director of City Planning at Transport for London, on the need to keep people moving during lockdowns and what increased social distancing will mean for TfL's plans for the future.

The Urbanism Hour / Oslo and Sheffield – similar mindsets?

This week we are joined by David Leonard from Leonard Design Architects. David is a Chartered Architect with 23 years of project experience in the design and delivery of some of the most significant mixed-use developments in countries around the globe.

AoU Coffee Break, Scotland

If you'd like a break from work and to meet some friendly AoU faces, join us for an AoU Coffee Break. These sessions are hosted and organised by a group of Young Urbanists in Scotland, and are open to all. If you have never been to an AoU event before, or are thinking about joining, you are welcome to come along and join the discussion. This session we are joined by Design Outsider.