Communications Terms of Use


The guidelines specified within this document should be referred and adhered to when using the Academy logo for any internal or externally facing material. Every effort should be made to reproduce it faithfully to the following guidelines.

The Academy logo should never appear less than 30mm across. Depending on the context of its placement the standard logo may appear as large as required.

The logo must appear in the form available here: no substitutions are acceptable.

The logo colour specifications apply to the reproduction/print process.

The logo must always appear against a contrasting background and as 100% solid colour,
and not as a tint. The logo may appear in mono (single colour) and must appear as
100% solid colour, and not as a tint.

Exclusion zone
The logo should appear prominently and legibly on all communication and therefore a
set exclusion zone must be adhered. The exclusion zone around the logo must be
equal to, or greater than the width and height respectively of the ‘M’. This is a minimum requirement and ideally more space would be left.

Do’s and Don’ts
Print the logo on a white background where possible
Use the black and white version for black and white communications
Use the artwork supplied to you. Do not try to recreate the logo
Make the logo clear and visible
Use the logo as 100% solid. Do not tint the logo or alter its opacity

Change the colour of the logo to anything other than what is specified
Change the typeface within the logo
Distort the logo
Change the positioning of any part of the logo


Where the Academy’s name is referenced there are rules which must be adhered to in order that the brand is protected and coherent. When the Academy’s full name is written, it must be complete with the inclusion of the sentence-capitalised word ‘The’. Where the Academy is referred to in a more informal context, mid-sentence for example, the user is permitted to reference The Academy of Urbanism as simply ‘the Academy’, in this instance lowering the case of word ‘The’.

In no instance can the Academy’s name be shortened any further and in any other way other than stated above.

The Academy of Urbanism was formed in 2006 to expand…’
‘If you need any further information, please contact the Academy directly’

‘If you need any further information, please contact The Academy directly’
‘If you need any further information, please contact the Academy of Urbanism directly’
‘If you need any further information, please contact AoU directly’