Urbanism Awards: Make a Nomination

Urbanism Awards – Best of the Best

In the 14 years that the Academy has been producing the Urbanism Awards, we have celebrated 210 Great Places. This year the Academy will be revisiting our past finalists and select the Best of the Best. Academicians can nominate their top 15 places (three in each category) here by 15 May 2020, 5pm GMT.

For more information about the process behind the Best of the Best edition of the Urbanism Awards click here.

Nominate Best of the Best

Nominate for future Urbanism Awards

Help us promote and learn from places that demonstrate positive social, physical and economic urbanism – nominate a great City, Town, Neighbourhood, Street or Place for an Urbanism Award.

AoU Criteria

View our criteria.

Anywhere I can’t nominate?

Places that have reached our finalist stage before cannot be re-nominated for at least 10 years. Please visit our list of Awards Finalists 2011-2020 to see the places that are not eligible this year.


1. Write your nominations in the form below. Please include a reason, explaining what we can learn from this place.

2. Press ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the page to register them.

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Once you have clicked ‘Submit’, please scroll to the top of the page to see the confirmation message.