Urbanism Awards: Make a Nomination – open to all

Open to all!

Deadline for nominations for the 2019 scheme: 3 April 2018

Help us promote and learn from places that demonstrate positive social, physical and economic urbanism – nominate a great City, Town, Neighbourhood, Street or Place for an Urbanism Award.

2019 theme: Post-industrial

In adopting the theme of ‘post-industrial’ for this year’s Urbanism Awards, we are looking for examples of cities, towns, neighbourhoods, streets and places that have been through transformation from a past based predominantly on industries that have declined substantially in the post-war period, to a new basis for their present and future.

The characteristics that might be displayed to demonstrate excellence in dealing with challenges posed by this massive transformation could be seen in both the process – what’s been done to develop, effect and embed a new way forward – and in product – visible and measurable success in delivering transformation. So we would consider factors such as:


  • Was/is there a process of change that is informed by an understanding of the economic, social and environmental realities of this place?
  • Was/is there a strategy for transforming this place that has won support from the communities and key players in its deliver?
  • Has the community’s confidence in this new way forward been developed and maintained throughout the implementation of change?
  • Is there/has there been effective management that demonstrates good place-making practice (as per the awards criteria)?


  • Has this place made best use of its assets (physical, social and cultural) in transforming itself, using or re-using what it has as well as delivering new where needed?
  • Has this place built on its heritage whilst driving towards a new direction?
  • Has this place demonstrably (measurably) changed its focus and delivered through this process positive economic, social, and environmental improvement that is sustainable and can be built upon?

This theme can be applied both at a city level and at smaller spatial levels such as neighbourhood and street. The theme is as applicable to a large city that was largely dependent on a now declined major industry as it is to a street or neighbourhood that was developed around a local factory or industrial sector.

It is important to note that the use of the term post-industrial does not imply that the theme is focused on place-making for employment and industry. Within the theme the criteria for the Awards look at all key characteristics of a great place, such as:

  • Can you get around easily without a car?
  • Can you readily find pleasant places to sit and eat or drink?
  • Has old housing been refurbished for a mix of people?
  • Has new housing been built that meets future needs?

This is about transformation economically, socially and environmentally, so is concerned with social capital, housing and the environment as well as other important factors in place-making.

AoU Criteria

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Anywhere I can’t nominate?

Places that have reached our finalist stage before cannot be re-nominated for at least 10 years. Please visit our list of Awards Finalists 2009-2018 to see the places that are not eligible this year.


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